Tomlinson’s Increased Conversion Rate and AOV with Real-Time, Dynamic Product Merchandising


Tomlinson’s Feed is an established Austin and Central Texas chain offering an upscale range of natural & holistic pet food, treats & toys.

Their challenge was to find a way to merchandise their products online as effectively as they do in-store.

Tomlinson’s was introduced to XGen Ai through Teamwork Commerce as a hyper- personalization solution.


Tomlinson’s deployed individually curated product recommendations to their Product Listing Page (PLP), Product Details Page (PDP), No Search Results Page, and Shopping Cart Page.

During the initial 3-week trial stage (Aug 24 – Sept 14, 2021), users who interacted with XGen Ai recommendations on Tomlinson’s site had a 20% higher conversion rate and 23% higher average order value than those that did not.

After their successful first deployment, Tomlinson’s decided to continue running the same recommendation strategy through the rest of the year.


Revenue Performance

From Sept 15, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021, Tomlinson’s continued to have success with their deployment.

Users who interacted with XGen Ai elements had a 22% higher conversion rate and 17% higher AOV compared to non-personalized product listings.

During this period, Smart Elements covered 20% of the Tomlinson’s site while influencing 18% of overall revenue. This was the result of nearly 300,000 consumer predictions done by the X2 Mind engine.

Smart Elements

Product recommendations powered by XGen Ai (Smart Elements) adapt in real-time to the individual user based on many data points.

This ensures that site visitors are matched with the most relevant products at any given time, which increases engagement, likelihood of conversion, and potential AOV values.

No two shopping experiences are ever the same.