Santoni Increased Site-Wide Revenue Performance with Hyper-Personalized Shopping Experience


Santoni is an Italian brand renowned for creating exquisite handmade shoes and accessories in the finest leathers.

Founded by Andrea Santoni in 1975, the family-run business is synonymous with high quality and first-class style.

Santoni’s challenge was to increase site-wide conversion rates and sales while improving their cross-selling abilities – resulting in higher average order values.


Driving a unique user experience to each individual consumer in real-time enabled Santoni to put the right product in front of the right customer at every touchpoint.

XGen Ai Smart Elements were deployed to the Men’s Homepage, Women’s Homepage, Product Details Pages, and Shoes Product Listing Pages.

Segment: Luxury Footwear & Handbags


Effortless Deployment

Implementation was quickly facilitated through our Google Tag Manager plug-in with minimal time spent by Santoni’s team members and their systems integrator.

There was a 199% higher AOV when users interacted with XGen Ai recommendations and XGen Ai drove 10% of all site-wide revenue.

XPersonalize ROI

During initial deployment, XGen Ai’s attributed revenue resulted in an ROI that paid for an annual subscription of the XPersonalize Platform, at Gross Profit Margin, in less than 3 months.

Santoni subscribed to an annual contract with XGen Ai and the client will be deploying further Smart Elements to their site to increase visibility and revenue performance.