MSGM Increased Purchases by 34% in Under 3 Weeks with AI Prediction Engine for eCommerce


Move onto the second stage of deployment in order to further increase purchase volume from the first quarter of deployment, and to improve the performance of personalization on-site.


An A/B test was done exposing 50% of the site’s traffic to the X2Mind AI engine. B Group deployed the X2Mind prediction engine, a highly automated and self-learning engine utilizing proprietary new AI tech with true 1-to-1 personalization.


During Phase 1 (the first deployment of personalization elements), XGen Ai elements were placed on the Homepage, Women’s PLPs, and Men’s PLPs. Phase 2 deployment was done to further increase results and improve the performance of personalization on-site.

In addition to the elements already on-site, elements were strategically added to all other PLP Categories. Adding these yielded a 30% lift within 2 weeks. The engine continued to learn in the new environment and purchase lift has since reached 45%.