Goodlife Increased Revenue by 9.6% with Shopping Experience Personalized in Real-Time


Goodlife is a clothing brand designed with versatility and comfort to the core.

Their mission is to provide high quality essentials for modern living, manufacture products responsibly, and help their customers find the best versions of themselves.

Goodlife teamed up with XGen Ai to increase all KPIs including Revenue, AOV, and Conversion Rate while enhancing each visitor’s shopping experience.


During the 14-day go-live period, XGen Ai integrated the XPersonalize platform to rapidly create and deploy recommendation elements to Goodlife’s Home, Product Detail, and Cart Flyout pages.

By providing unique, real-time, and individualized recommendations, the Goodlife team created a deeper connection with their customers – which quickly translated into more sales.

Segment: Apparel


Hyper-Personalized Shopping

The X3 Mind engine learns by analyzing the customer journey and identifying each event that results in a successful engagement.

This intelligent system predicts and then recommends items with the highest chance of conversion to the customer – resulting in higher CR, RPV, and AOV.

Digital-First Commerce

Much like the person-to-person experience in a luxury store, XGen Ai makes decisions in real-time and crafts the sales experience to fit the customers’ ever-changing needs and preferences.

We deliver automated, optimized & personalized user experiences that adapt to every site visitor many times a second.