About Us

Our Mission

XGen Ai is a comprehensive traffic and product analytics suite, personalization platform, and A/B testing solution that automates the experience optimization process at the unique customer level in real time.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform drives autonomous, curated product recommendations and merchandising – delivering a truly tailored digital shopping experience that is as dynamic and unique as the individual customer.

Our Story

XGen Ai was founded by Frank Faricy in 2019.

After looking at the traditional software model and how it was being applied to improve business results, it was clear that the traditional, older models could be drastically improved. 

Instead of making software to help automate manual processes (as in older methodologies), XGen Ai’s focus became to deeply utilize data and analytics as the foundation to success.

Instead of a platform that shows business managers tons of data – forcing them to analyze it manually before again manually implementing changes to improve results – the XGen Ai approach continuously optimizes the end-to-end process with instant adjustments to each user’s experience at precisely the right time.